T-shirts, newspapers, coins, tableware, and tea towels all patriotic purchase pursuits for the upcoming Bank Holiday

London, UK, May 2022 – Over nine million Brits will celebrate the coming Jubilee with at least one commemorative purchase, according to new consumer research from customer engagement platform, Emarsys.

The study of 2,001 UK consumers found that 41% of Brits are excited by Royal events. Platinum Jubilee coins, commemorative newspapers, commemorative tableware, and commemorative t shirts were all specified purchases as targets for 1 in 5 Brits (18%) over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend.

Over half (52%) of us Brits will splash some cash on purchases this Platinum Jubilee weekend, with the most popular purchase being — you’ve guessed it — alcohol, with almost a quarter of Brits (23%) planning to buy booze for the Jubilee weekend. Indeed, a feast fit for a king is clearly a top priority for the celebration: BBQ food (20%), cakes and biscuits (19%), and ‘traditionally English’ food (15%) follow close behind when it comes to most selected purchases for the celebrations.

With the extended Bank Holiday weekend, many Brits will be holding court: a whopping 58% have something planned to celebrate the Jubilee, with watching the celebrations on television (20%) and barbecues (14%) leading the way.

However, Brits won’t be spending a king’s ransom. Over a third (36%) estimate they will spend up to £50 over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend, while more than a quarter (29%) don’t plan on spending anything at all.

It’s not just Brits that are set to celebrate the Royal affair, Emarsys found that 44% of Americans are also excited about the Royal event. 19% have been seeking out Jubilee-themed products including commemorative newspapers, tableware, and t-shirts, with more than a quarter (28%) of Americans estimating they will spend up to $65.

Commenting ahead of the Jubilee, fashion designer David Emanuel — co-designer of Princess Diana’s wedding dress — said; “Royal events like the Jubilee have always been a uniquely British opportunity for shoppers to spend, but that interest doesn’t stop East of the Atlantic.

“The interesting challenge for retailers and brands looking to make the most of the celebrations is navigating that network of consumers. With so many Brits and Americans keen to get involved in the big day, they need to meet customers where they want to be met, with the right content at the right time. Retailers must not only trigger a purchase but create loyal brand ambassadors that keep coming back for more — even once the Jubilee is over.”

Lucy Davies, from Emarsys added, “With modern technology, we’re more connected to these types of events than ever before. Today, the average Brit has four shoppable devices in their homes, and most of these will be beaming back clips and news on the day itself. For retailers, this is a fantastic opportunity to promote relevant, personally targeted items to a highly engaged audience.”

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