Reinventing Retail Quick Guide | Vol. III

Drive In-Store Customers Online to Accelerate Your Omnichannel Strategy in the Next Phase of Retail

What’s Inside

  • Insights from leading retail brands successfully using an omnichannel strategy to accelerate business outcomes, including:
    • Tupperware
    • National Tiles
    • Salling Group
    • Cue Clothing Co.
  • How to maintain engagement with customers and continue driving sales during economic uncertainty.
  • What to do if your physical stores are restricted in occupancy or shut down.
  • A real-world example of how Cue Clothing Co. used offline-to-online engagement, and developed a customer-centric, omnichannel approach.
In-Store to Online Shopping With Modern Fashion Shop

Engagement Continuity in Times of Uncertainty

2020 has shown us the impact of store closures, and how your brick-and-mortar locations are most vulnerable during times of uncertainty.

But we’ve also seen how resilient (and lucrative) online shopping can be, particularly when in-store shopping is not an option. That’s why offline-to-online engagement is so critical.

Moving In-Store Customers Online Is Key to Your Omnichannel Strategy

In this quick guide, learn about the importance of seamlessly moving in-store customers to your e-commerce store. This fluidity is vital for ensuring your brand’s ability to maintain continuous, omnichannel customer engagement and accelerate business outcomes. Hear how leading brands achieved a truly omnichannel strategy.

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“When we talk about a ‘single view of a customer’ and ‘single view of inventory’ across all channels, that helps [attain a true] omnichannel perspective. We’ve seen our business evolve from what was a single channel into multichannel and then to omnichannel, to provide that consistent experience … to where we are today, which we call ‘unified commerce.’ [For customers, omnichannel] will feel like we’re [always able to] have a consistent conversation with them.”

Cue Clothing
Shane Lenton
CIO, Cue Clothing Co.