We all know that customers are digitally savvy. We know this because we’ve heard it so often… and because we’re consumers ourselves! We expect brands to connect our interactions and make our experiences seamless. Yet, a surprising number of brands are still lagging behind when it comes to delivering a consistent customer experience. But why are so many organizations finding it hard? Why are they unable to achieve the vision of connected commerce?

Elemis, an Emarsys client, has mastered it; and your team can be next.

Join Alex Barbier, Senior Customer Experience Consultant at Emarsys, and Depinder Sidhu, CRM Manager at Elemis, as they discuss connected commerce and how it can transform your customer experience and marketing revenues.During the webinar, you will discover:

  • What connected commerce is
  • Why it’s vital to your business
  • The Elemis journey towards connected commerce
  • What you can do NOW to begin/continue your journey

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