Marketers today have so much data they’re not sure how to utilize it effectively with the right tools. Until online retailers truly understand the customer lifetime value, they will not be able to direct marketing budget in an optimized way or drive lifecycle marketing towards these larger strategic goals. This is why the single customer view (SCV) is so vital. Recent developments in the e-commerce landscape create both opportunities and challenges for retailers and marketers. Now, more than ever before, there are countless sources from which to create a SCV, and this can be dynamic. SCV and persona modelling have practical uses for predicting future behavior. Through machine learning, retailers can then deliver more valuable, targeted messages at scale. This whitepaper dispels some of the myths about digital marketing in the era of the changing consumer and helps retailers understand the true value of the single customer view and how to leverage this for real growth and competitive advantage. In this whitepaper you’ll learn more about:

  • Data optimization, personalization, and software gaps
  • The top trends for 2019
  • How City Beach transformed their strategy with Emarsys

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