If you’re a marketer in e-commerce or retail, you have a busy summer ahead of you, and it’s not just the warm weather campaigns you already have underway. It’s time to look ahead toward the winter months because the most lucrative time of the year – the Q4 holiday season – is only a few months away.

We reached out to 10 digital marketing experts to bring you exclusive and insightful tips, tricks, and hacks to help you absolutely smash this upcoming holiday season and drive more sales than ever.

Get exclusive insights from experts including:

  • Mike Kaput, Director, Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute
  • William Harris, E-commerce Expert, Founder, & CEO, Elumynt
  • Michael Brenner, Keynote Speaker, Author, and CEO, Marketing Insider Group
  • Andy Crestodina, Strategic Director, Orbit Media Studios

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