How to turn customer, product & sales data into new revenue opportunities, FAST


Accelerating Business Outcomes Webinar Series

What’s Inside

  • How to use customer, product, and sales data with the right technology to deliver a truly omnichannel customer experience
  • Where growth opportunities can be found within your existing data sets (customer, product and sales), to positively influence revenue, customer retention and loyalty
  • How leading brands are connecting the data to strategy, implementing use cases across the customer lifecycle that map to the desired outcomes
  • How to simplify execution across multiple channels: email, web, mobile, direct mail, and more
  • Pitfalls to avoid, and recommendations to guide you for implementing new technology; dispelling myths around CDP, DMP & CRM to enable you to achieve value quickly
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COVID-19 has rapidly changed the world of retail and consumer behavior

It has never been more important for retail businesses to increase their speed-to-market, improve their agility in execution, and crucially, accelerate business outcomes through digital and e-commerce. In this webinar, Alex Timlin (SVP Retail, Emarsys) is joined by Ross Williams (former Digital Customer Experience and Digital Product Director of N Brown Group & Tesco) to break down how brands can turn existing data sets into revenue opportunities, FAST.

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Successful brands use data to accelerate business outcomes

Learn about brands like Forever New and National Tiles and their journey to becoming more data-centric, allowing them to quickly discover new revenue opportunities, adapt and respond to ever-changing customer expectations, and drive business results.

“The successful [data] implementations aren’t really focusing on the technology and the technology capabilities, they’re really focusing on the problem they’re looking to solve for. And the brands are being clear about: ‘What’s the business outcome I’m looking to achieve, and how will we measure success?’”

Alex Timlin, SVP Verticals, Emarsys