Given the shifting marketplace and evolving consumer demands, how should e-commerce and brand marketers view omnichannel marketing? More importantly, how should they begin to apply, and even automate, omnichannel strategies to improve the customer journey?

To create a truly holistic omnichannel strategy, marketers should follow the examples of brands that have already experienced omnichannel successes.

Understanding the value of these unique tactics will help when applying them to the customer journey.

Here are just some of the topics marketers must consider in today’s omnichannel landscape:

  • What is omnichannel marketing?
  • Why is it important to automate omnichannel marketing?
  • Omnichannel marketing and the customer journey.
  • 3 key stages of a successful omnichannel marketing strategy.
  • Examples of successful omnichannel strategies.
  • Building an effective, automated, omnichannel marketing program.