AI Personalization Drives Repeat Purchases

As a leading e-commerce pet shop in Europe, Zoomalia has focused on growth and built every e-commerce and logistic component internally.

Despite a decade of constant growth, the development team couldn’t keep up with marketing’s requests for new programs, and marketers were dependent on the development team for changes needed for every campaign. In addition to this, they didn’t know what performed well, what appealed to clients, and what led the customer to convert.

Half of Zoomalia’s business is repeat purchases, making a replenishment strategy a priority. The ambitious development team knew they had a scale problem and wanted to push personalization further to prevent clients from running out of dog food by reminding them on a one-to-one level when they would need to place their re-order.

Repeat Purchase Growth with Automated Replenishment

Zoomalia chose the Emarsys platform to help them better understand customers and how they function.

After one year with Emarsys, Zoomalia automated and personalized their entire customer journey. They gained significant results after launching their new AI-powered replenishment campaigns.

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“We had to turn to artificial intelligence, and when we explored our options, we were lucky to see that our chosen CRM and automation vendor, Emarsys, also had this type of solution in their platform. We, therefore, worked with them, and instead of spending months developing this tool internally, we were able to launch a program of this type within two months. We have more programs launching soon, but this was our primary use case. There was nothing our development team had to do. Our marketing was completely autonomous.”

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Laurent Primaux
CTO, Zoomalia