Predictive Cross-Channel Marketing Automation

Party Delights added Emarsys Predict, our sophisticated product recommendation tool. Within days, they’d created an abandoned shopping cart program in the Emarsys Automation Center, and added product recommendations to their emails. The marketing team were impressed with how quickly the algorithms fueling Emarsys Predict learned, taking advantage of online customer behavior. Every click on the website, from email to mobile, is tracked to ensure each customer receives content that is highly relevant to them. Party Delights also noticed that customers were spending more time on the website, opening more email on mobile devices, adding more products to their cart and leaving positive feedback, which has contributed to their customer loyalty soaring.

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Real-Time Predictive Analytics

All of the segmentation and personalization could be done within one intuitive platform, without the need for any HTML knowledge. What’s helped even more is that they can now see real-time statistics showing which products are generating the most revenue. As a result, they plan to implement Emarsys Smart Insight to add a greater level of customer intelligence to their solution.

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“The level of segmentation and tools available to us on the previous systems we used were nowhere near as extensive, we’d still be targeting the wrong people with the wrong types of emails. We’ve found that relevance has been key for us; Emarsys has helped us segment down, even if it involves sending fewer emails to fewer people, we’re still getting better response rates, better open rates, better click-through rates and ultimately, more revenue.”

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Ben Thomas
Former Digital Manager Party Delights