The Business

Retail/e-comm, Luxury, Fashion/Accessories
Florence, Italy
600+ designer collections on offer
5,000,000 visitors per month is a top online luxury fashion destination that features an exclusive selection of new collections from 600 established designers, as well as young, emerging talents.

The Challenge

  • Grow revenue
  • Maintaining a leading customer experience
  • Improve relevancy

The marketing team identified significant growth potential for their email channel but needed the tools and strategic guidance on how to maximize the potential of this revenue stream. Using only a handful of lifecycle campaigns and newsletters, wanted to develop its email campaign coverage without compromising the excellent experiences the brand provided.

Despite this, saw continued success and international growth, which caused the size of their customer database to expand at such a pace that the marketing team was facing data overload. With so much content and so many subscribers to contend with, resource availability prevented them from being able to deploy complex customer journeys that could deliver tailored customer experiences.

The email channel was also viewed as an underused resource for engaging online customers, with only a limited number of on-event campaigns available and no real way to verify that the right automated strategy was being used. The marketing team wanted to improve interactions with customers across the various touchpoints, developing a relevant and comprehensive follow-up email strategy that could use key browsing and purchase events.

The Solution

AI-Driven Personalization with Emarsys

The company wanted to deliver a luxurious customer experience through consistent, high-quality, personalized interactions. The comprehensive data processing and analytical capabilities of Emarsys helped them reveal the key aspects of their customers, which could then be strategically mapped to key automation events.

Increased Conversions with a Unified Brand Experience

With its blend of analytics, execution, and strategic guidance, Emarsys enabled to design and optimize their entire strategy bespoke to their unique business case, and deliver an excellent, unified brand experience.

By providing a much higher level of content customization, enjoyed not only an increase in email engagement, but also, improved conversion rates from their new customer journeys.

The Impact

The comprehensive data processing and analytical capabilities of Emarsys helped reveal the key aspects of the customers, which could then be strategically mapped to key automation events.

By strengthening the capabilities of their email channel with smart automation, developed to meet their specific business needs, the brand grew the performance of their web channel, and strengthened loyalty and retention.

+900% Automated email revenue
+21% Overall email revenue
+38% Automated email revenue

“Emarsys helped us to build and progressively optimize a strategy centered around our customer journey that not only resulted in a huge improvement in all of our CRM KPI’s, but also clearly quantifiable revenue gains.”

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– Marco Ritratti,
Head Of Digital Marketing,

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