The Business

Retail/E-commerce, Health & Beauty
Berlin, Germany
Since 2017

Founded in 2017 in Berlin, and now expanding into Italy, Shape Republic — a fitness and nutrition e-commerce business created to help women feel great in their own bodies – grew rapidly by selling its products DTC and via marketplaces.

The Challenge

  • Connecting data across systems
  • Agile campaign execution
  • Building customer understanding

Shape Republic planned to migrate from Magento to Shopify Plus and keep Emarsys as their customer engagement platform of choice. The brand wanted to use the website migration as an opportunity to reinvent their image and rebrand themselves. “We only had two months to migrate platforms, products, customer data, review our data structure, and all processes,” said Arne Lorenzen, E-commerce Manager at Shape Republic.

The Solution

Using Emarsys, Shape Republic leveraged their Shopify Plus e-commerce data and launched six omnichannel customer journeys within two months, all without IT dependencies..

  • The Shopify Plus plug-in was activated within a day and synchronized all e-commerce data in real-time.
  • Omnichannel automations fueled with Shopify data empowered Arne and his team to activate highly personalized lifecycle programs that delivered better results, faster.
  • Because the team didn’t have to wait or depend on IT, the team has been able to quickly and easily personalize their website and launch more automations autonomously.
  • Single truth on customer data. By having a fully integrated customer engagement platform, Shape Republic attained a single source of truth for customer data, which allowed them to drive more intelligent engagements and gain a deeper understanding of their customers.

The Impact

By migrating to Shopify Plus and automating lifecycle journeys with Emarsys, Shape Republicwas able to scale business efficiencies to support rapid growth through automated omnichannel customer engagements. Within two months they achieved:

71% Revenue from automated campaigns
13% of engagements are automated
+6% Increase in orders
+13% Higher average basket order value

“With Shopify Plus and Emarsys we managed to set up a completely new and automated way to engage with our customers within just two months. We had all our lifecycle campaigns automated right from the launch. In such a short time and with so little human effort, I think that’s a very impressive result.”

Quote Shape Republic Arne Lorenzen 160x160
— Arne Lorenzen,
E-commerce Manager at Shape Republic

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