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Emarsys Fall Release 22

Dynamic product features and new enhancements to accelerate business outcomes heading into the holidays

New Updates to Web Channel, Analytics & Reporting, and Interactions

The Summer Release is here! New updates to the Automation Center and Interactions enable you to drive more real time use cases for your most loyal customers. Optimize campaigns based on performance and deliver campaigns more effectively with enhancements to web, mobile and analytics. With this release, your team can drive better personalized engagements and business outcomes.

Watch the Release highlight video now!

Summer Product Release 2022 Video@2x

What’s included in the release

Real-time Interactions for Loyalty Programs

Trigger real-time interactions with loyalty automations that drive more revenue from your most loyal customers.

Unification of Interactions and Automation Center

Unified status and reporting features give you a visual representation of customer behavior within each program. Easily spot anomalies or trends on each node to optimize performance of campaigns every step of the way.

Event Attribution and Conversion Report

Measure the impact of multiple conversion events by channels and touchpoints. Also, view both the impact of multiple conversion events, filter down through channels and touchpoints, and divide attribution with a linear, multi-touch model.

Web Channel Simplification

Dynamic product features and new enhancements to accelerate business outcomes heading into the holidays.

Create customer segments based on mobile app events

With new event attribution filtering in segmentation for Mobile Engage, build precise customer segments based on users’ custom events. Deliver more personalized engagements across channels.

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