Online retailer chooses Emarsys to replace Bronto to keep up with impressive pace of ecommerce growth

Indianapolis, IN — Online home and garden retailer Rinkit today announces its partnership with the omnichannel customer engagement specialist Emarsys in a bid to support growth and better engage with thousands of customers worldwide. Emarsys’s platform will provide Rinkit with the customer engagement and data analytics tools to continue its rapid ecommerce growth journey.

With its website having seen an impressive growth of 284% in the past financial year, Rinkit saw its email database expanding from 70,000 customers to 300,000 in just over 12 months. Now selling to over 570,000 customers across the globe, including the UK, Germany, US and Australia, Rinkit quickly found itself outgrowing the offering of its existing email service provider Bronto.

Emarsys’s technology will help it amplify the value of its ever-growing customer database, helping with the analysis, identification and contextualization of actionable customer insights.

Rinkit is now keen to implement more than just email marketing campaigns. Emarsys will centralize the brand’s customer data and automate analysis, helping Rinkit to run more personalized and effective digital marketing campaigns, across all its platforms.

This automation will also save money and alleviate the time-consuming pressures of manual analysis, empowering Rinkit to focus on strategy and creativity.

Elliot Millais, sales and marketing director, Rinkit said: “Emarsys’s technology and industry knowledge really is head and shoulders above the rest. When it came to choosing a new customer engagement platform that could scale as fast as we are and match our growth goals, choosing Emarsys was a no brainer.

“The wide variety of features the platform provides, from email to personalization to the recommendation engine, will allow us to better collect, analyze and understand our data and engage with our customers, providing them with the best customer experience possible.”

Sara Richter, CMO at Emarsys, added: “Rinkit’s growth in the past year is certainly impressive, particularly given the difficulties many retailers have faced as a result of the pandemic. Our partnership will only advance this progress, with Emarsys’ technology doing the heavy lifting when it comes to omnichannel digital marketing and personalization, giving Rinkit the chance to grow customer loyalty and drive more profitable business outcomes.”