German brand builder adopts Emarsys to de-silo data, build customer loyalty and cut through the crowded e-commerce space

London UK, 23rd July 2020 — Hashtag You, the brand builder for next generation direct-to-consumer brands, today announces a partnership with Emarsys, the only omnichannel customer engagement platform built to accelerate business outcomes. The Emarsys platform will de-silo the data of the 90,000 customers of AVA & MAY, the first brand incubated by Hashtag You, enabling the brand to build loyalty and to provide an integrated omnichannel journey for its consumers.

Hashtag You selected Emarsys as the replacement for a fragmented WooCommerce infrastructure. These systems lacked consistency, with siloed AVA & MAY customer data restricting the effectiveness of offerings like newsletters and the brand’s loyalty program. While CRM has already contributed up to 25% of the company’s revenue, a sophisticated customer data platform (CDP) was required to drive increases in customer retention and customer lifetime value.

The Emarsys platform solves these challenges by combining personalization, analytics, data unification and omnichannel communications capabilities within a single platform. Key to this is the integration of Shopify Plus, which enables users to create smart contact segments and benefit from automated retention marketing. Combined with Emarsys’ Loyalty module, AVA & MAY can now deliver a targeted and coherent loyalty program for customers through wishlists, back-in-stock notifications, and subscriptions to certain collections of products.

The ability to launch and manage email campaigns, offline mailing and CRM advertising within a single platform allows AVA & MAY to capture more streamlined and coherent datasets. These datasets can then be analyzed in terms of customer behaviors and preferences, allowing marketing and creative teams to align themselves with the company’s overall customer engagement strategy.

Through Emarsys, these insights are also complemented by actionable, industry-specific strategies that can align Hashtag You’s business objectives with proven tactics. AVA & MAY and Hashtag You will benefit from industry-wide data sets, with collaborative projects such as Emarsys’ ccinsights initiative allowing customers to understand changing consumer demands across the industry.

Sascha Dexler, co-founder and managing director at Hashtag You, commented, “e-commerce is a growing market – especially in the current global climate – but that also means that advertising space is crowded, and acquisition costs are rising. We needed a platform to help us cut through the noise and put us in control of our customer data.”

“The Emarsys platform is revolutionary in terms of capturing, organizing and clarifying the data we need to make a difference to our customer journey. It’s a one-stop solution that directly addresses the weaknesses in our previous infrastructure. We were very impressed by Emarsys’ onboarding process, and our customer success manager was incredibly responsive.”

Sara Richter, CMO, Emarsys concluded, “Hashtag You is a classic example of a business that showed agility and ingenuity in building its data infrastructure in its infancy, but has since outgrown that system as a result of its success.”

“The centralization and the comprehensive insights that the Emarsys platform offers will empower an already important CRM department to drive further success, accelerating its omnichannel engagement and market execution.”

About Hashtag You
Hashtag You is on a mission to build the next generation of direct-to-consumer social media brands. Founded by a strong team with a proven track record Hashtag You aims to leverage its expertise in influencer marketing, social media marketing as well as operational scaling to disrupt e-commerce. AVA & MAY is the first brand incubated in the vertical of home & wellness. Products like scented candles, diffusers and room sprays cater the world to the homes of customers all across Europe in the form of a unique scent experience.