Reinventing Retail Quick Guide | Vol. II

Drive Online Customers Offline to Accelerate Your Omnichannel Strategy in the Next Phase of Retail

What’s Inside

  • Why customers are excited for in-store shopping experiences
  • Reasons you must embrace “ROPO” (research online, pick up in-store) 
  • How to increase profit through a “click-and-collect” option
  • Ways to drive customer engagement through pivotal marketing use cases 
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Customers Demand Seamless Shopping Experiences

While stores were closed down the past several months, many brands acquired new and first-time buyers through their online channels. Some of these customers now want to shop in your stores.

For true omnichannel customer engagement, new customers should be able to seamlessly move between your online and offline stores to continue engaging with your brand.

Bringing Online Customers In-Store Is Key to Your Omnichannel Strategy

In this quick guide ebook, you’ll learn about the importance of driving your online customers offline and into your stores. This is critical in advancing a customer’s journey with your brand, and unlocking engagement opportunities that accelerate business outcomes. You’ll hear from leading brands as they share their insights on omnichannel strategy. 

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“We’re forgetting the stores in the omnichannel vision … What tends to happen when online comes into a retail business is everyone goes, ‘Look, online is so shiny. We’re just going to focus on online.’ And then the [in-store approach] tends to look at online as ‘[They are] a separate bucket now … online and offline — they’re two separate entities.’ But the actual fact is, they really should be combined because, let’s face it, customers do shop in both places.”

Mike Cheng
Head of Digital, City Beach