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Customer Loyalty Index 2023

Loyalty Index 2023 Cover

About the research

What do today’s consumers think and feel about loyalty? And what does it take to actually secure their long-term loyalty?

For the third consecutive year, SAP Emarsys sought to answer these questions and more. In August 2023, we asked 10,057 General Respondents across the USA, the UK, Australia, and Germany all about loyalty. We wanted to find out how, from a consumer’s perspective, marketers can earn their continued loyalty in 2023 and beyond.

What’s Inside

  • A deep-dive into the global survey results from this year’s Customer Loyalty Index, along with a country-by-country breakdown for the USA, the UK, Australia, and Germany.
  • A look at the five types of customer loyalty: how they’re defined, how they’ve changed over the past year, and which one leads to the best business outcomes.
  • Revealing, data-driven insights about customer loyalty, including:
    • How loyalty differs across industries and nations
    • How consumers’ personal attitudes and behaviors influence their loyalty
    • How discounts, personalization, and breadth of product offering can help (or hurt) loyalty
    • Reasons customers decide to be loyal to a brand
    • What brands should avoid doing if they want to foster loyalty