On average, it takes 90 days or more to activate marketing strategies using new technology. A financial quarter contains, on average, 66 days. So, marketers have just 66 days to impact business results and report back on success.

Time is, by far and somewhat silently, the most critical aspect that marketers have to grapple with. It has a profound impact on business value that few marketers have considered up until now.

The quicker speed-to-market we can achieve, the more value we can bring in shorter time to our customers… all leading to expedited revenue growth. In order to achieve quicker time-to-value, marketers need turnkey solutions with embedded business knowledge that dramatically reduces the time and resources that need to be put into it up front.

Show details and highlights

► (1:32) Time-to-value is an enterprise-wide endeavor

► (3:04) Challenges that impede speed-to-market

► (4:29) Turnkey solutions: Zach McCoy, VP of Client Success

► (5:53) How to get quicker time-to-value now

► (6:55) Embedded knowledge: Alex Timlin, VP of Retail & E-commerce

► (8:20) The decision cycle: Chris Ortega, Director of Finance

► (11:14) 3 ways to find quicker time-to-value

Chris Ortega

“Where does technology help you accelerate the decision cycle? Get your people out of the process, data, and information phase — have technology do that! Your people need to be focused on knowledge, collaboration, and making business decisions.”

Chris Ortega
Director of Finance, Americas, Emarsys
“Get your people out of the process, #data, & information phase – have #martech  do that” says @1_Future_CEO       CLICK TO TWEET
Alex Timlin

“Embedded knowledge [is saying]… how do we
effectively crowdsource… what other people do…
build a community of people solving for similar
problems, and then kind of push that back into the
platform so the platform is a living, breathing
extension of this community.”

Alex Timlin • VP, Retail & E-commerce, Emarsys • @ARTimlin

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