Digital transformation has forced retail marketing to change significantly in recent years. Billions of consumers are changing their behaviors faster than most retailers can adapt their legacy marketing approaches and strategies. For this reason, retailers must take an omni-channel approach to engage savvy consumers across proliferating channels, or risk losing sales.

Transitioning to an Omni-Channel Strategy

Emarsys has sponsored a technology spotlight titled Next-Generation Omni-Channel Marketing Can Meet the Challenges of Digital Transformation, based on independent research by International Data Corporation’s (IDC) Retail Insights division. In the paper, Program Director, Greg Girard discusses the role of today’s digital transformation as an accelerator for transition to an omni-channel retail strategy, increasing consumer empowerment and retailer agility.

The Future of Retail Marketing

The paper examines this transformation by exploring retail marketing trends and developments, implications for future-proof retail marketing, and technology and requirements for a successful omni-channel strategy. Girard details several global drivers influencing the state and direction of omni-channel retail, including:

  • Accelerating business disruption with digital transformation.
  • Fostering an interconnected, informed, and intelligent ecosystem.
  • Unifying real life and digital identity within the cloud.

Exceeding the ubiquitous omni-channel expectation, despite limited data and resources.

Final Thoughts

Girard oversees IDC Retail Insights’ authoritative perspective on how retailers should use information technologies to achieve key operational, tactical, and strategic objectives in the sourcing, buying, planning, allocation, replenishment, and pricing of merchandise. While there are many retail trends and developments that should be considered when transitioning to an omni-channel strategy, these are just a few that should be considered.

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