This week we’re seeing declines in revenue growth around the world, though several countries are still over 100% revenue growth YoY. In each region, there is a developing disparity between the countries in the first and second positions of leading revenue growth and those countries in the third, fourth, and fifth positions.

Welcome to the CCInsight project where we track how COVID-19 impacts consumer spending around the world. Here are some of the top e-commerce trends we’ve spotted over the past seven days.

UK Online Retail Growth Plummets as Shops Look to Reopen

UK consumers have significantly slowed their spending online over the past three weeks as shops prepare to reopen on June 15th.

Online sales revenue in the UK grew to a whopping +150% YoY during the height of the lockdown before experiencing a steep decline to just +19% in the week leading up to May 24th.

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Growth in the number of online orders also fell from 200% to -4% between May 10th and 24th. However, during the same period, average order value growth in the UK increased from -51% to 24% — indicating that while fewer consumers are spending online, the ones that are spending are making high-value purchases. In fact, the top two selling items of the past three weeks are dishwashers and exercise bikes, sales of which are up 3,286% and 2,287% respectively.

AOV Falling for US Retailers

While the average order value is increasing dramatically in the UK as shops look to reopen, the exact opposite is happening in the US as most states in the country remain under some kind of lockdown restriction. This week we’ve seen a decline in AOV for US retailers, as brands are more desperately trying to reel in new and existing customers with discounts. There is also a lack of unified customer data, which makes it difficult for brands to target customers at different AOV levels and lifecycle stages. We’ll see how this chaos plays out in the US and the rest of the world as consumers are now shifting from completely online to a mix of e-com and in-store.

Data Insights for the Week

The Americas

Led by Puerto Rico, pure e-commerce is dominated by South America this week. For retail online revenue, Mexico and Ecuador are over 200% growth YoY, but many other countries are seeing a decrease over the last two weeks, including the US and Canada.

Revenue Increase Leaders at a Glance

Americas Revenue Leaders 5 25 20


Romania has surged to the top of the pure-player list, but former leaders like Belarus, the UK, and Sweden are falling this week, perhaps due to reopening businesses. In retail online, Turkey has fallen behind Belgium as growth overall is declining.

Revenue Increase Leaders at a Glance

Europe Revenue Leaders 5 25 20

Asia Pacific

Pure e-commerce growth in APAC is much lower than Europe and the Americas with less than 50% revenue growth. Retail online growth is a better story with India and Malaysia at the top with over 200% growth YoY.

Revenue Increase Leaders at a Glance

Apac Revenue Leaders 5 25 20

Top Product Trends of the Week

5 25 Product Trend Image

Key Product Trend Insights: Appliances are still on top though lift has dropped over a 1000% in the last week. Athletic wear and equipment still accelerating this week, with beauty accessories dropping off.

Growth Rate of Online Transactions

Pure-players overall are seeing a decrease in revenue growth this week. For retail online, there are several countries with over 200% growth, but there is a growing disparity between those at the top of the list and everyone else.

Following are the growth trends we see this week, but you can explore Regional and Countries trends in more depth.

Trends by Region

Pure e-commerce: Sales are declining across the board, but the Americas are seeing 60% more revenue growth than Europe and APAC.

Regional Pure E Com 5 25 20

Retail online: Each region is experiencing a decline in purchases, though Europe, which is on average 40% below North America and APAC, has started to steadily increase again.

Regional Retail Online 5 25 20

Trends by Country

Pure e-commerce: In the Americas, Puerto Rico leads with over 200% revenue growth YoY, followed closely by Argentina. Mexico was previously over 200% but has started to drop off in the last few days. Comparatively, the United States is much lower at 105% YoY, but the country’s e-commerce has grown 9% over the last two weeks.

Country Europe Pure E Com 5 25 20

Over the last two weeks, Belarus fell 25% to 102% revenue growth YoY and was replaced by newcomer Romania (173% YoY) where consumers are buying a lot of appliances and clothing online. The Czech Republic has risen sharply over the last week as well with a modest but steady 69% revenue growth. The UK is struggling though, slipping 69% over the last two weeks, as did Sweden (-26%)

Compared to the APAC leader Australia, you can see that overall Europe is performing better this week.

Country Americas Apac Retail Online 5 25 20

Retail online: For the most part, the US (+79% revenue growth YoY), New Zealand (+110%), and Australia (+87%) are performing similarly, but growth is down overall for the last two weeks (-13% for the US, -103% for Canada, -21% for Australia, -90% for New Zealand, and -123% for Thailand). This makes Colombia’s rise in the past few days impressive (though they were down 126% two weeks ago).

The worst case is Indonesia, which has fallen 272% over the last two weeks. The country’s retail online growth rate is now negative, perhaps due to Indonesians preferring to shop offline, especially for food.

In Europe, the two fastest risers this week are Belgium (+200% revenue growth YoY) and Spain (+124% YoY), but for most of the rest of Europe, we’re seeing declines in revenue growth. Turkey, which had been topping the list in April and May, is down 52% over the last two weeks.

In the same time period, the UK continues to plummet at -69%, Finland -40%, and France and Germany falling further behind even though the two countries had been seeing better growth rates over the past month.

The worst drop belongs to Russia, which had a huge uptick two weeks ago and has now fallen 100%. This may be due to consumers wanting to do business with reopened brick-and-mortars, but it may also be impacted by the country’s overall economic downturn.

Country Europe Retail Online 5 25 20