This week appliances are back on top as the #1 product trend, and e-commerce is surging in countries like Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Japan. 

Welcome to the CCInsight project where we track how COVID-19 impacts consumer spending around the world. Here are some of the top e-commerce trends we’ve spotted over the past seven days.

Makeup Sales Thrive at the Expense of Jewelry Online

Online sales of makeup products have increased dramatically over the past week, whereas jewelry has seen a general decline across the board.

Makeup products find themselves among the highest-selling products online, with mirrors seeing a 423% rise, mascara a 177% rise, and lipstick a 142% rise, when compared with sales this time a year ago.

Conversely, jewelry sales online have dropped after luxury items saw high demand in April. Sales of rings online have decreased 39%, as have pendants and necklaces, both falling by 22%. Could it be that people still value the luxury in-store experience of purchasing high-value items? 

TikTok Tripods Give Way to Outdoor Sports 

It seems that TikTok users have bought all the tripods they need for the time being to alleviate lockdown boredom, as sales have dropped considerably in the past couple of weeks. As governments ease restrictions bit by bit, people are buying less home products across the board.

Instead, consumers are turning their attention toward outdoor activity products again. For example, we see a rise of cycling shorts orders. Moreover, with the Bundesliga (German football) resuming, it’s no surprise that footballs are a new high performer this week.

Growth in E-Commerce Accelerates to Forecasted Levels 5 Years Ahead of Schedule

Global e-commerce sales have been growing consistently at a rate of 10%–20% in recent years. However, over the last few months, e-commerce sales have doubled what they did in the same period last year.

Sanjay Chart 1

The main questions that remain, therefore, are: How long is this accelerated growth going to last? What levels will these numbers plateau at when stores across the world begin to reopen? Will existing e-commerce customers increase their online shopping more than they had previously? And will new online shoppers prefer the comfort of buying from their own homes and therefore spend less in-store?

Data Insights for the Week

The Americas

Mexican and American e-commerce brands are still seeing growth over 100% YoY, but three Caribbean countries, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica, have shot up the list fast in the last week. For online retailers, Mexico and Ecuador lead the region now both with over 200% growth in orders.

Order Increase Leaders at a Glance

Americas Orders Leaders 5 18 20


The top three pure-players are getting a ton of orders and continue to grow YoY — in some cases, over 40% growth in just the last two weeks. Romania is the big riser as Romanian consumers are buying a lot more online than they were just two weeks ago. Online retail is doing quite well in Europe, and except for Turkey, the countries in the top five are new this week.

Order Increase Leaders at a Glance

Europe Orders Leaders 5 18 20

Asia Pacific

Pure e-commerce growth is lower in APAC than Europe and the Americas, but retail online is picking up with Indonesia and Malaysia still at the top.

Order Increase Leaders at a Glance

Apac Orders Leaders 5 18 20

Top Product Trends of the Week

5 18 Product Trend Image 1024x267 1
5 18 Product Trend Image 1024×267 1

Key Product Trend Insights: This week we see the return of the dishwasher with a +4426% lift YoY. Athletic wear and equipment remain active. We expect to see a rise in outdoor sports products as the Northern Hemisphere enters summer.

Growth Rate of Online Transactions

In the Americas, both pure-play and retail are seeing significantly higher order numbers than the other two regions. APAC has much lower growth but is on a steady rise, whereas online retail in Europe has taken a sharp dive over the last two weeks.

Following are the growth trends we see this week, but you can explore Regional and Countries trends in more depth.

Trends by Region

Pure e-commerce: As a whole, the Americas are far above Europe (which has taken a dip in the last few days) and APAC (on a steady upward arc) this week. 

Regional Pure E Com 5 18 20 1024x503 1

Retail online: North America is just above 120% order growth YoY, with APAC just under 100% and Europe in a tailspin below 40%. But you really have to look at European countries case by case, because some are doing quite well where others seem to be declining as restrictions are eased.

Regional Retail Online 5 18 20 1024x515 1

Trends by Country

Pure e-commerce: This week Chile was joined by newcomer Puerto Rico as the order increase leaders with over 200% growth YoY. Mexico (+132%) and the US (+129%) are still seeing growth, but something good is going on in the Caribbean. Along with super-riser Puerto Rico, we see e-commerce in the Dominican Republic (+108%) and Jamaica (+53%) surging this week.

Despite wide variance among European nations, the top four pure-players are not only seeing phenomenal growth over the previous year, but they’re also making significant order increases compared to two weeks ago. Since the first week in May, Ireland (+185% YoY) is up 53%, Belarus (+172% YoY) has grown 45%, and the United Kingdom (+147% YoY) is up 62%. However, the big story this week is that Romania has made incredible gains in the last two weeks to bring the country’s pure e-commerce order increase to 110% YoY.

APAC pure e-commerce is falling behind the Americas and Europe. With China operating at a 64% growth deficit, the rest of the region is struggling just for single-digit increases. Australia is the strongest with a 27% increase in the last two weeks. India has climbed above 0%, but most other countries are losing ground.

Country Pure E Com 5 18 20 1024x496 1

Retail online: US retail online saw 116% growth YoY this week, but Mexico and Ecuador are the big successes with over 200% order growth YoY. Ecuador is the biggest riser over the last two weeks, while Canada, Peru, and Chile are not far behind.

The UK is significantly down this week, giving way to a new group of countries with order increases. Joining Turkey in the top five countries this week are Belgium (+199.86% YoY) and Poland (+199.25%) with Spain (+196.88%) close behind. Also noteworthy is Hungary which has earned a 110.62% increase. But the most amazing thing is that these four countries were experiencing declines in growth two weeks ago, some under 0%.

Country Retail Online Europe 5 18 20 1024x493 1

Indonesia and Malaysia remain at the top with over 200% growth, but most other countries are seeing declines in online orders: Australia remains strong but is down 9% over the last two weeks. One of the most successful APAC countries of late has been New Zealand, yet the country’s retail online has dropped 68% over the last two weeks; worse, is Thailand falling 118%. However, Japan is an order increase leader this week for the first time since lockdown began. 

Country Retail Online Apac 5 18 20 1024x518 1