This week consumers are buying less online and the average order value of what they are putting in their baskets is declining. This may be the start of the course correction many brands predict will happen as the pandemic continues to impact our daily lives. In the US, this week we may be seeing the long-term effects of reduced income and unemployment — 42.6 million Americans have filed for unemployment, the highest number since the Great Depression of 1929-1939.

Welcome to the CCInsight project where we track how COVID-19 impacts consumer spending around the world. Here are some of the top e-commerce trends we’ve spotted over the past seven days.

Global Alcohol Sales Online Plummet as the World Emerges from Lockdown

Sales of alcohol across the globe have declined sharply over the past six weeks as countries around the world begin easing lockdown restrictions.

Growth in online sales of alcohol grew from 105% to a whopping peak of 633% between March 9th and April 13th before beginning a steep drop to -34% by May 18th compared with the same time last year.

Alcohol Sales 6 01 20 1024x401 1

While it’s understandable to see online sales of alcohol rise as governments around the world enforce lockdowns and close pubs, bars, and restaurants, it’s perhaps more surprising to see a sudden drop in online sales from the middle of April to a point that’s actually lower than this time last year. It appears that as lockdowns continue and as the global economic situation worsens, consumers are now starting to tighten their belts in many areas.

With Restrictions Easing in Australia, Are Increased Online Spending Habits Here to Stay?

While online retail in Australia has started to see a downward trend in revenue over the last few weeks, growth is still well above pre-COVID-19 levels.

Australia Retail Online 6 01 20 1024x516 2

Is this the start of the correction we have been expecting to see now that brick-and-mortar stores are reopening? Westfield shopping centers are seeing 80% of last year’s foot traffic in their centers across Australia, which is a good sign that Australians are embracing both methods of shopping.

Memorial Day 2020 Falls Flat for US Fashion & Accessories Retailers

Historically, Memorial Day is a holiday of huge discounts for most retailers, and as such, most retailers typically see revenue spikes across all verticals. But with the majority of brick-and-mortar stores still closed and those that are open seeing a significant drop in foot traffic, fashion retailers are struggling to match revenue levels of last year while pivoting to an online focus.

With order numbers (first chart below) falling nearly 4% below typical Memorial Day results and average order value amounts (second chart below) falling to more than 5% below the norm, it seems that higher-than-normal discounting has achieved less-than-normal results.

Data Insights for the Week

The Americas

While there are a couple of standouts (Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador), we’re seeing much lower AOV growth rates this week for most countries in the Western Hemisphere.

Average Order Value Increase Leaders at a Glance

Americas Aov Leaders 6 01 20


European nations are seeing better growth rates than the Americas or APAC. Croatia and Greece top the lists this week, but there is strong double-digit AOV growth throughout the region.

Average Order Value Increase Leaders at a Glance

Europe Aov Leaders 6 01 20

Asia Pacific

Pure-players are having a terrible time in APAC. Only Vietnam, a recent fast riser, has an AOV growth rate above 20% — many are below 0% YoY. Retail online is faring a little better, but only two countries (India and New Zealand) have an AOV growth rate above 20%.

Average Order Value Increase Leaders at a Glance

Apac Aov Leaders 6 01 20

Top Product Trends of the Week

6 01 20 Product Trend Image 1024x265 1

Key Product Trend Insights: Appliances have given way to athletic wear and equipment with boxing gloves up over 7,000% in uplift.

Growth Rate of Online Transactions

This week AOV growth is pretty low around the globe. For both pure e-commerce and retail online, we continue to see a growing disparity between those at the top of the list and everyone else, showing that only a few countries have a handle on online growth at the moment.

Following are the growth trends we see this week, but you can explore Regional and Countries trends in more depth.

Trends by Region

Pure e-commerce: After a brief dip on May 26th, APAC average order values have grown the most (almost 4% YoY) while Europe and North America are struggling to get back to 0%.

Regional Pure E Com 6 01 20 1024x532 1

Retail online: Europe has been steadily rising in AOV growth over the last two weeks and ends this week as the leader with about 2% growth YoY. APAC had reached 10% growth on May 25th but has since dropped to 1%. North America retailers have ranged between -15% and -6% over the last two weeks, and it doesn’t like it will get better any time soon.

Regional Retail Online 6 01 20 1024x529 1

Trends by Country

Pure e-commerce: The United States has flatlined for two weeks and remains below 0% in AOV growth whereas Mexico, which had been doing well in April, is in free fall at -25% AOV growth. As you can see, Canada is above 0% but not by very much. The most successful country in AOV growth is Peru, which has performed far better than the rest of the region and remained over +20% for the last two weeks.

Countries Pure E Com Americas 6 01 20 1024x574 1

Most of Europe’s pure-players are enjoying AOV growth, though like the UK, the growth is under 25% YoY. Lithuania and the Czech Republic have come closer together and are both on the rise this week, but average order values went through the roof in Croatia over the last 10 days outperforming the closest competitor by more than 50%.

Countries Pure E Com Europe 6 01 20 1024x576 1

Pure e-commerce in APAC is overall growing at a slower pace than Europe, with many countries experiencing negative growth. However, New Zealand and Malaysia look promising this week, and over the last two weeks, Vietnam AOV growth (over 100% on May 21st) leads the region with just under 40% YoY.

Countries Pure E Com Apac 6 01 20 1024x582 1

Retail online: In the Americas, the two countries with the most AOV growth are Colombia —strong throughout the pandemic though falling from over 200% growth to just above 0% in the last four days — and Ecuador, which has averaged over 100% growth. Canada (just above 0%) and the US (just below 0%) are more the norm in the Americas, with many countries well below Canada and the US.

Countries Retail Online Americas 6 01 20 1024x578 1

On May 29th, AOV in Greece grew from 2% to over 200%, possibly signifying that Greeks are feeling comfortable buying more things online. Serbia has risen from negative growth to over 50%, but now the country has fallen below Turkey and the United Kingdom.

Countries Retail Online Europe 6 01 20 1024x580 1

Overall, retail online in APAC is losing growth, and even the countries who have seen AOV growth are hovering just above 0%. Vietnam is the only country to rise above 25% (over 200% YoY on May 31st) and has since fallen over 125% in the last week.

Countries Retail Online Apac 6 01 20 1024x578 1