Among the businesses impacted by COVID-19, health and beauty products are doing better than some may have expected. Retail sales have jumped to 121.76% year-over-year growth globally. Even more encouraging, a large number of beauty products have seen triple-digit growth compared with the same time last year. Online sales of lipstick are up 287%, as are sales for mascara (+275%), eyelash extensions (+195%), makeup brushes (+188%), and nail polish (+128%).

Hear from leaders with health and beauty expertise to see how brands are shifting to digital to better serve customers:

Irene Falcone, Founder, Nourished Life: “While there’s hope that there’ll be some return to normalcy soon, people are continuing to shop online in huge quantities. At Nourished Life, Australia’s home of natural makeup, organic skincare and healthy living products, we’re experiencing a surge in sales across most product categories, and we’re glad to be able to do our part to support people who are following social isolation measures. Some products, like hand sanitizer and hand wash, come as no surprise, but we’ve also seen an uptick in sales of products for home pampering, including nail polish and hair care. There has also been an uptick in health products such as magnesium, as people are looking for ways to de-stress at home, particularly those home schooling!”

Claire Mitchell, CEO and Director, ECO. Modern Essentials: “With COVID-19, we have received record demand for our essential oil blends as our customers seek to use aromatherapy to create a healthy and happy home environment. Specifically, we’ve seen a spike in sales of products used for supporting immunity, cleaning, and detoxing the home. To assist our customers, we’ve created a collection of essential oils that target these needs.”

Anthony Nappa, Managing Director, OZ Hair & Beauty: “The beauty industry has been hit particularly hard by the COVID restrictions, but it’s been encouraging to see how our customers have responded. Consumers turn to hair and beauty services to feel good, and this hasn’t stopped as a result of the pandemic. In fact, we’ve seen a surge in demand for products such as hair color, eyelash tints, nail polish, and hair removal products as Australians have embraced DIY solutions following the March 25 shutdown.”

Adam Ioakim, Managing Director, APAC, Emarsys: “Australian consumers are splashing out on health and beauty online to get through the pandemic. While it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of this demand, it’s important that the customer experience remains at the forefront. Many brands will be experiencing a surge in first-time customers, and this represents a huge opportunity to build and retain trusted, loyal, and long-lasting customer relationships.”