Even with the wealth of information out there regarding artificial intelligence, marketers can still be hesitant to take the first step. It’s always a good idea to listen closely and hear first-hand from your peers about the opportunities and challenges available with new technologies.

This recent webinar from digital marketing thought leaders presents an informative look at how a few global e-commerce brands are leveraging artificial intelligence marketing solutions. The speakers included:

  • Ben Hare, COO & Director, tinyme
  • Daniel Hagos, Client Success Director, Emarsys
  • Gareth Williams, E-commerce Manager, AdoreBeauty
  • Vanessa Carver, Marketing Manager, ASOS

Getting his message across successfully

Personalizing Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Daniel Hagos of Emarsys kicked off the webinar to discuss the background of Emarsys’ artificial intelligence marketing solutions, and how organizations around the globe are seeing quick wins with the platform.

Marketing today is moving from 1:all messaging, to 1:1 personalization.” Daniel began with a quick overview of the Emarsys artificial intelligence marketing solution, explaining why it’s so important in today’s marketing world, to help marketers provide that elusive note of personalization to campaigns. Data-rich customer profiles enable marketers to pinpoint exactly where to focus throughout the customer lifecycle. AIM solutions also take into account the fact that no two customers are alike. Personalized strategies such as recommendations, incentives, and send time optimization all take individual consumer data into account for maximum output.

“AI marketing goals are completely driven by the marketer. At this point of the month, my goal is revenue. At a different point, it’s profit.” Hagos echoed, as he ended his portion of the webinar by reiterating that AI marketing solutions are not designed to compete with marketers, but rather they are tools to automate previously-manual processes. Marketers are now free to deep dive into complex campaigns and strategies while AI marketing tools take over the majority of the manual labor.

Segmenting and Targeting Customers for Increased ROI

Next, Gareth Williams of AdoreBeauty talked about his organization’s experiences with artificial intelligence marketing, and how they are using advanced technologies to better segment and target customers.

“As you scale, it’s a challenge to continue to provide a personalized experience.” How many marketers have thought this exact same thing? For Williams, his team tried countless strategies to better segment, target, and engage their key consumer audiences. No matter how AdoreBeauty crunched the data, they just weren’t getting the detailed insights needed to truly push their personalization efforts to the next level. With AI marketing solutions, Williams and his team were able to approach personalized marketing from multiple directions. Incoming consumer data-sets helped AIM solutions better understand and learn about what customers wanted to see from AdoreBeauty – without bombarding them with tedious questions or surveys. Then, the technology helped better segment and target these customers with the ideal messaging.

“Emarsys shows us where the best current and future revenue potentials are. The AI brain helps us to identify where we can target our efforts. If you’re focusing on one slice of customers, you can target information in the campaign directly to them. This has been a game changer for us, because before we just did not know where to start – we were delving deep into analytics and customer transcripts. Emarsys has helped us identify where to focus and change our efforts,” said Williams.

Williams, along with the rest of the AdoreBeauty team have used Emarsys AIM solutions to revolutionize the way they personalize digital marketing efforts. They can now send marketing messages at the optimal send time for each person, via the specific channel on which the customer is most likely to respond, bringing a whole new meaning to the buzz phrase ‘the right message, to the right person, at the right time’.

Automating Processes While Retaining the Human Touch

Last but not least, Vanessa Carver of ASOS chimed in to talk about how ASOS, one of the largest e-commerce sites in Australia, is using artificial intelligence marketing to streamline automated processes and communications with consumers. Even she recognizes the stigma around AIM, but she also says that can sometimes be a good thing.

“Sometimes the term artificial intelligence can be really daunting, but for me that’s the most exciting part, as we don’t even know all of the answers yet. We are just seeing this as a huge opportunity, and learning along the way,” Carver resounded.

Carver and the ASOS team currently use AI marketing to analyze buyer behavior at both the macro and micro level. Building this large cache of sales data enables Vanessa and her team to highlight marketing trends, improve target messaging, and ultimately increase overall conversions and repeat customers. But, as Carver points out, this personalization can sometimes come off as too ‘salesy’ or ‘spammy’. Staying on-brand while sending out extremely personalized messages is of the utmost importance to ASOS, and AI marketing solutions help them achieve just that.

Final Thoughts

While AI marketing solutions may seem daunting, there are already companies out there perfecting ways to use these advanced technologies to their benefit. Emarsys AI marketing solutions are available to help marketing teams like Williams and Carvers’ reach their goals of truly personalized consumer engagement. You can view the entire webinar here.

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