Established in 2006, SmartOSC is a premium, full-service e-commerce agency. SmartOSC helps brands design and deliver a smarter, more personalized customer journey to boost engagement and conversions across channels. They partner with Emarsys throughout their office locations in Vietnam, Australia, Singapore, the US, the UK, and Japan to help brands and retailers seamlessly implement Emarsys’ marketing solutions.

With over 350 specialists experienced in various platforms such as Magento, Sitecore, Shopify Plus, AEM, and Kentico, SmartOSC offers fast, cost-efficient, and scalable services. They are behind the success of many projects for premium brands such as Aspire Lifestyles, COURTS Singapore, Lotte, Nestlé, PayPal, Boozt, Smartbox, Priceline Pharmacy, Club 21, and Friso. SmartOSC’s current portfolio includes more than 500 clients around the world.

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