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Accelerate business outcomes with proven, e-commerce engagement strategies — crowdsourced from leading brands.

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The omnichannel customer engagement platform of choice for hundreds of e-commerce companies worldwide.

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It’s simple. We help ecommerce marketing teams convert more customers, more often at higher value.

Turn first time purchasers into repeat loyal customers

Contorion saw an increase of +34% conversion rate from first-time to second-time buyers following their launch of a truly integrated loyalty program.

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Increase active customer revenue through personalized offers & content

Bulk Power is creating personal 1-to-1 experiences for their 1.5 million customers globally. Through 500 automated unique journeys that result in 70% retention.

Improved customer growth and experience with speed and agility

Puma remained focused on growth through an audience-led approach and remained agile by making implementation changes leading to significant achievements in terms of customer growth and a greater customer experience.

Ao Industry

Connect customer data across your digital properties and deliver connected communications provides a digital experience that compels customers to return and purchase other electrical items – from coffee machines to mobile phones through dynamic content and post purchases engagement.

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Nike Industry

Deliver out-of-the-box lifecycle campaigns across multiple channels at scale

Nike HK went from 0 to 10 automations all including personalization and leveraging lifecycle data driving +110% revenue from automated campaigns.

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Brand Alley Industry

Measure ROI and the impact of all of your marketing activity

Brand Alley almost doubled sales during the pandemic through connecting their customer data to their marketing activity and putting customers at the center of their business.

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Choose the market leading technology

Emarsys platform is ranked a leader for personalization, cross-channel campaign management and marketing automation.

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Align business objectives with proven e-commerce customer engagement strategies. E-Commerce strategies
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